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"Avtologistika" proves its efficiency

Development of the transport system of production affects both the efficiency of the enterprise and the surrounding urban infrastructure. Taking into account the importance of this issue, the team of the "Avtologistika" project at the Metadinea site in Orekhovo-Zuyevo thoroughly analyzes the first results of the work.

The multidisciplinary project "Avtologistika" was implemented by a group of specialists of the "Metadynea" Company and two specialists of Metafrax-Inform, LLC. Initially, the issues, related to the in-plant logistics, the convenience of shipping documents's execution, quality certificates, and simplification of interaction with transport companies were identified and formulated during the diagnostics of the management system, which was carried out within the frames of the project of improving the efficiency of the change management system in the"Metadynea" Company according to the methodology of Ichak Adizes.

The project team worked in close cooperation with colleagues from several divisions of Metadynea.

- Up to 70 trucks can arrive at the site per day. In the conditions of the operating production, we faced a serious task – to ensure the dispatching of transport and the shipment of products without violating the established schedule, – said Ekaterina Nazarova, the project manager of the "Metadynea" Company. – Now we are analyzing the first results of the work, and we can already note serious growth points for the project.

The successful achievement of the initially set goal – automation of logistics at the production site – led to the development of solutions for a whole range of areas. In particular, solutions for security services, laboratories and production are proposed. Thus, the process of coordinating schedules with forwarders, which was fully automated as a result of the introduction of "Avtologistika", had impackt on the further automation of the entire transportation documents flow. The work of security services has been optimized, where the information in the application for a transport let-pass is automatically updated, as well as the arrival of trucks at production is automatically recorded. A "front-end" system for printing transportation documents and quality passports has been implemented at the territory of the site. Thus, waiting after loading is excluded. The functionality of "Avtologistika" system includes automation of the processes for generating and processing of applications from transportation companies, checking them for correctness and entering information on the forwarder.

- Nowadays "Avtologistika" plays an important role in the organization of control of services, provided by transportation companies. The project reduces the influence of the human factor, – explained Ekaterina Nazarova. – For example, thanks to the system, it became possible automatically to monitor incoming vehicles for compliance with the weight of the empty cargo with the set restrictions, to verify the actual weight of the cargo according to the data of the loading point.

As a result, a serious foundation has been created for the development of a system to form the production plans and calculate the need for raw materials, used in the production of products. Information is provided in on-line mode to all logistics specialists involved, regardless of their location.

- It was important for us to fit into an already working system and promptly work out incoming requests and comments from specialists at site. There was a clear understanding of the 24/7 mode of operation and the inadmissibility to stop activities of the enterprise even in the process of implementation, - emphasized Roman Mashchenko, project manager of the "Metafrax-Inform" Company. – As a result, a unified system has been created that not only brings together all the relevant information on traffic, but also is involved in the formation of documentation for the driversand specialists, who controls the stages of shipment of products. This helps to reduce the flow of trucks on the adjacent urban infrastructure, which was one of the objectives of the project.

Thanks to "Avtologistika", it became possible to achieve a twofold time reduction of the full shipment cycle for each truck – from arrival at the territory to departure to the consumer. Thanks to accurate planning of shipments and informing drivers about it, the waiting time has been reduced to 5-10 minutes. The potential throughput of shipments at the site has increased by 100%.

- Now, informing is a comprehensive solution, that combines several ways of communicating with drivers, including a screen in the parking lot and SMS notifications about the arrival time, - added Anna Zapolskaya, Head of Logistics and Foreign Affairs Department of Metadynea, – Thanks to the step–by-step breakdown of the shipment process, dispatchers have a clear and accurate understanding regarding location of a particular transportation vehicle.

The availability of traffic information and the timeliness of sampling of control samples contribute also to maintain the quality of the products.

- The fact of the accurate arrival time of transportation vehicle is important for the compliance with the technology and product quality control, – said Galina Biryukova, Head of the laboratory of the "Metadynea" Company, – As a result of the creation of a single database of analyses and quality certificates, the need to search, create and send out any reports and samples has disappeared. All this information is available to technical specialists in on-line mode for any period. It was also possible to relieve the laboratory from the need to keep a large number of accounting documents, which gave more resources to the laboratory specialists to process the data obtained.

Currently, the introduction of "Avtologistika" is also underway at the "Metadynea" site in Gubakha. The stage of pilot operation has been successfully completed, that affected the work of the logistics department, the production preparation department and the laboratory. Technical work on the implementation of the "front-end" function has been completed, as it was previously done at the Orekhovo-Zuev site. Commissioning works and development of organizational aspects for the possibility of registration of electronic pass cards are underway. Implementation of this functionality will significantly regularize the work, especially on weekends. Once necessary agreements are reached, the system will be put into commercial operation.

In the future, it is planned to automate the registration of shipments by rail way, as well as other processes of the Company, the initial data for which are the data of this system, at the Metadynea sites both in Orekhovo-Zuevo and in Gubakha. In particular, we mean planning of consumption and procurement of raw materials, planning of production, integration with budgeting.