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Chemistry for scientists of the future

Chemistry for scientists of the future

Metadynea presented Metafrax Group at the site of the Ministry of Labor of the country – the "Festival of Professions", where leading enterprises and educational institutions of the Moscow region were gathered as part of the "Scientists of the Future" stand.

On April 5, at VDNH in Moscow, more than three thousand guests visited the festival site – lectures, as well as visual and interactive expositions of the participants.

Metafrax Group was represented by top managers and leading specialists from Metafrax Chemicals and Metadynea. During the lecture, Evgeny Gavrilov, Director of Strategy and Investments at Metafrax Chemicals, spoke about the activities of the group of companies.

- We talked about recently completed investment projects, including innovative solutions in their design. In particular, we mentioned the technological and raw material integration of methanol and urea production, in which we reduce carbon dioxide emissions - we use about 400 thousand tons per year as raw materials for the next conversion," commented Evgeny Gavrilov on the main points of the speech. – We also noted the role in the development of new products and technological solutions of the Metafrax Engineering and Technology Center, the Research and Development Center that operate in the group of companies.

Sergey Ivanov, Head of the Research and Development Center of Metadynea, spoke at the session about the directions of development and development plans for the center, which is scheduled to reach operating capacity in 2025. During the presentation of the Metafrax Group delegation, the impact of the launch of the development and research center on the further strengthening of the leading position of Metadynea among manufacturers of synthetic resins in the market was particularly noted.

During the free communication, the experts of the group of companies answered the audience's questions about career development opportunities at Metadynea, as well as about cooperation programs with specialized educational institutions and support for existing young professionals.

In addition to participating in the lecture, Metadynea presented an exposition that included examples of products in realistic imitation, as well as a synthetic resin synthesis reactor in its demonstration work, which allowed the festival guests to get to know the company's activities more closely and get an idea of the products. In addition, an interactive part of the exhibition was organized, where visitors could try on images of chemical industry workers and take pictures against the background of the real production site of the company "Metadynea" thanks to artificial intelligence.

- We are grateful to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation for the opportunity to participate in the "Festival of Professions". We consider it extremely important to work on such open and large-scale sites. This helps the current specialists of the region to talk about the development of modern industry, and about the prospects that young specialists can find here for themselves," said Tatyana Belova, head of the Personnel Management Department at Metadynea.