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From recyclable materials to resources

From recyclable materials to resources

The total mass of waste sent for recycling made up more than 21 tons. Such a significant result was achieved thanks to the active participation of employees, the company's focused environmental policy and adherence to the ESG principles of the Metafrax Group.

Traditionally, the most significant areas were the collection and transfer of uncontaminated plastic waste for recycling: about 20 tons of film and polyethylene, as well as waste paper: 1.3 tons. Besides, the collection of used batteries and plastic waste is carried out by active employees at the sites of Metadynea.

Natalia Sitnikova, Senior Occupational Safety and Environmental Specialist at Metadynea: "Our joint efforts make it possible to reduce the amount of plastic and other waste that ends up in the environment, as well as save wood for paper production. Moreover, our activities also contribute to the support of companies engaged in the waste recycling in the territories of our presence.”

Metadynea plans to continue this activity further. Read more about the work results for 2022 via the link.